VEGETAL PLASTIC - Petrochemical free packaging

VegetalPlastic : 0% plastic packaging

VegetalPlastic aims to contribute to environmental good practise, using 100% renewable resources (corn, plants, cellulose, etc.) for injection moulding, assembling and decorating activities thus significantly reducing our production adverse impact on the planet without compromising on performance, suitability and quality of cosmetic packaging.

These new organic raw materials are an alternative to petroleum-based resins. Bio-based materials used at Leoplast’s have huge environmental advantages, if compared to traditional plastics (SAN, PS or ABS) habitually used in cosmetic packaging: 100% vegetal origins (no misuse of the precious fossil feedstock); savings of fossil fuels; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, shortening of carbon cycle; several disposal options, from industrial composting, to recycling to incineration. Thanks to its strong expertise in bioplastics processing, Leoplast only uses food-grade biopolymer. Moreover, they are GMO, BPA and phthalate free certified. They are called biodegradable if 90 % of the total converts in carbon anhydride and water in the following six months in standard composting plants. They are compostable if they break down to negligible organic materials within a relatively short time frame under industrial composting conditions without any toxic effects. Duration can vary depending on the shape and thickness of the item.

The 100% VegetalPlastic standard range available is composed of a:
-lipstick case
-small compact for eye shadow 36 cm diameter
-compact for pressed powder, blush, bronzer 59 cm diameter
-50 ml jar for loose-powder or cream

For further details, please click on the technical sheets above: PLA Polylactic Acid, CA Cellulose based resin, refillable option.

Leoplast R & D is able to guide our clients in bio plastics expertise and develop specific packs for green-oriented projects.

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