Our regenerated plastics is another activity LEOPLASTcan offer to the cosmetic packaging sector which currently endorses sustainable production to reduce, reuse, recycle and regenerate.

We have managed to industrialize the use of up to 100% regenerated plastics with no change whatsoever to our quality and standards.

These regenerated plastics come from clean industrial production wastes.

Through the “second life plastic” brand* we’re able to certify the provenience (Institute for the Promotion of Plastics from Recycle)

*Contrarily to what is done with recycled plastics that derive from chemical processes, our regenerated plastics do not come from a post-consumer chain; we use a purely mechanical process thanks to a very specific selection and integrate the processed blend with virgin raw materials in precise proportions.

Why use regenerated plastics ?

To produce our packs, the use of regenerated plastics results in huge savings in fossil feedstock and energy.We also contribute to important greenhouse gas savings. As an example, in order to produce one million lipsticks containers, the C02 is equivalent to driving 250.000 kms in Europe. Moreover, we avoid disposal of both the reused regenerated plastics and the not used virgin raw material.

logo del ciclo della plastica rigenerativa di Leoplast logo plastica di seconda vita

Plastic lipstick cases manufactured with 76% regenerated ABS

immagine di 6 rossetti logo 100% energia verde

Leoplast is powered by green energy